Thursday, August 6, 2020

Stop Complaining, Privileged People

My morning coffee spot, where I wonder about the world and am thankful for all I have, while wondering how long I'll be lucky enough to have it.

Ever since the quarantine began, I have been thankful.

Of course I'm scared, worried, annoyed, inconvenienced, and generally freaked out like most people I know. But I have been comparing our situation to those of other people who have faced difficult times. Refugees whose world has been uprooted and have nowhere to call home. People in war-torn countries who have to worry about bombs or gunfire.

Last night I thought about Anne Frank, "quarantined" with her family. Stuck inside. Knowing that the outside world was dangerous, even deadly. Not being able to plan the future. Wondering if they would ever get back to "normal." Trying to continue living while everything is different.

I never thought I'd be in a situation where people who have endured tragedy could come into clearer focus. Of course my situation is completely different, but I find myself a tiny bit more able to understand how she might have felt.

And from day one of this pandemic, I have told people over and over how good we have it. Of course there are people who are losing their homes, have lost their jobs, have lost family members. Of course some people ARE facing tragedy.

But most are like me. Definitely impacted. Definitely scared about the future. But scared while sitting in a nice house. Scared while able to write on a computer and talk to other people. Scared while ordering groceries to be delivered. Scared while driving to a workplace that follows safety rules and does their best to keep everyone safe.

Scared while having to watch entitled, egotistical, uneducated people refuse to wear a mask.

I am so sickened that so many people only live in their little bubble-view of the world - have never opened their minds enough to see that the world does not revolve around them. They are annoyed that their kids have to wear masks, annoyed by having to follow rules, annoyed that they are inconvenienced by the pandemic.

It's such an inconvenience for them.

An inconvenience.

No more words.

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