Monday, December 29, 2014

The Sound of Snow

Up on the hill - me with a sled and Jay on the infamous plastic skis.

It is Christmas time in the desert, so of course I am missing snow. I miss the sound of snow - that unmistakable quiet that comes at no other time than when the world pauses for a snowfall. I loved to stand and look out our cold back door when I was a kid, out at the snowy trees and the white hill of our neighbor’s land, and maybe step outside for a quick second just to listen. The sound of a snow’s silence.
Although we have snow occasionally in Las Vegas (usually just flakes), we can drive to Mt. Charleston to play in the snow. Last week we did just that, and our three-year-old son was able to have his first snowball fight. He giggled the entire time, not minding that his new green mittens hindered his throwing ability. He ran and threw and slipped and laughed, watched Daddy build a snowman, then held onto us as we slipped down the mountain trail back to our car and to the lodge for a pancake breakfast.

His first childhood snow memories! Just like mine of making snow ice cream, sledding on the neighbor’s hill, skiing on plastic skis on the huge hill behind our house (and my cousin Jay trying to climb a fence while wearing them – a funny sight), and of one winter when my Mom and I trekked through the woods after dark and met our cousin Nancy in the middle of nowhere for a snowy roasting of marshmallows on a campfire. I still have photos of that night, with us lit by the fire, the snow around us, and our dog and cat on our laps while we leaned toward the warmth. Snow memories have to be some of the best possible kind.

Here’s wishing you many snow memories during this happy season!

p.s. There is snow in our forecast for Wednesday! Yippee!