Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Things to Love About Las Vegas...#3

A dragonfly investigates Aunt Sheila's flowers.
We just returned from an a great trip to visit family in southern Indiana, and Jude was introduced to all the bugs that the Midwest has to offer. He got stung by a bee, caught fireflies, saw huge spiders on webs, and watched dragonflies, ladybugs, and all types of creepy crawlies, everywhere.

We're not used to bugs in Las Vegas. That may sound a bit weird. Of course there are bugs here. Lots of ants and cockroaches and other things. But they usually mind their own business. I can sit outside at night and not even one bug will come near me.

It's not like Indiana where you cannot be outside at night next to a light. I have memories as a child, trying to avoid the huge swarm of bugs flying around the light by our back door. Unfortunately, if we came home after dark we had to stand in that swarm while unlocking the door, and you never knew what weird creature might land on your shoulder.

Las Vegas is quite different, which leads me to...

Things to Love About Las Vegas #3...No bugs

No flying bugs.

No ticks.

No mosquitoes.

No bug repellant.

No swatting. No flyswatters.

When I ponder moving to a different area of the country, the main thing I know I will miss is the convenience of the lack of insects.