Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bloom Where I'm Planted

This photo was taken near Kure Beach, NC when we visited my dad and step-mom last month. I am always fascinated by things that are commonplace to locals and yet exotic to tourists. Here, I was intrigued by the shells that were used instead of gravel by the road to drive on the ferry to Southport. How cool would it be to live in a place where shells are so…the norm.
My dream is to someday move and live in that area and be a car-ride from family and away from casino-life. During our visit, my step-mom and I even looked at houses for sale, dreaming. So fun. One of my favorite blogs is Lil Blue Boo. They down-sized their life and moved from California to tiny Bryson City, NC. I would love to chronicle a move like that on this blog, sharing an exciting life-changing move like she did on hers. Hopefully we can make it happen.
Until that day, I will try to soak up the things that make our current home unique. Cacti. Huge skies. Mountains. Bighorn sheep. Tumbleweeds. Neon. For now, I must try to “bloom where I’m planted.”