Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Goodbye, Violin and Flute

In another burst of gotta-get-rid-of-stuff energy, recently I gave away my violin and flute. So to honor their departure, I must tell their stories.
I was working in Branson, MO, in Mel Tillis’ show years ago when I bought the violin. I had always wanted to learn, and there I found myself surrounded by top musicians, including a whole fiddle section. One of the guys agreed to teach me, so I was all set.

But I never took one lesson. I know I even bought the beginner lesson book he suggested, but we never got started. Now, twenty years later, I have no idea why. I guess I’m just the type of person who has great ambition but doesn’t always follow through? Hmmm.

My flute is much dearer to my heart. When I was in fifth grade, mom let me choose whatever instrument I wanted so I could be in the fifth grade band. I couldn’t decide between the French horn (?!) and flute. Finally, I choose the flute because it was easy to carry, and because it would fit in nicely if I played with my family which was filled with guitarists and pianists.
There are sooooo many stories I could tell about my flute and the opportunities and experiences it gave me. But overall, it was something that I practiced and accomplished…a lesson in perseverance. And I think every person should be able to experience the comradery of playing in a band or orchestra. There is magic in keeping your eyes on the conductor and at the downbeat, hearing your instrument join in with all the others.

My instruments were given to Music for Hope, which will give them to a local school. I am so glad they will be played and loved. Much better than sitting on a shelf in my living room.

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