Friday, December 18, 2015

30 Day Winter Photo Challenge Day Fifteen - "Gracious"

"Gracious" by Shannon
"Gracious" by Debi
I hadn't planned to take a photo of Jude for this day's prompt. In my mind, "Gracious" had a religious connotation, or on the other hand, it could mean thankful or accommodating. So since I had trouble with the word itself, I turned to the dictionary:

[grey-shuh s]
1. pleasantly kind, benevolent, and courteous.
2. characterized by good taste, comfort, ease, or luxury: gracious suburban living; a gracious home.
3. indulgent or beneficent in a pleasantly condescending way, especially to inferiors.
4. merciful or compassionate: our gracious king.
5. Obsolete. fortunate or happy.
I chose to focus on "kind." So when Jude enthusiastically put his guitar in the donation box at his school that morning, I took a photo to remember his gracious act.
Debi's photo depicts her friend's dog, who is there for her every day during her visit. She said, "This kind, gracious, generous dog gives me loving and soothes my spirit every day..."
I think a lot of animals are gracious, aren't they?

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