Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Valentine's Day Story

For this Valentine’s Day post, I will not gush about my husband (even though he is great) or tell some sappy story about love or wax poetic about the glory of Valentine’s Day. Instead, I have a story from my college days that is one of my favorites.

When I was a freshman in college I lived in an all-girls dorm at then-named Southwest Missouri State University, and when Valentine’s Day came I had no boyfriend, no dates, and no prospects. But I woke up that morning with a plan to not let the mushy, rosy-colored day get me down. I walked through the lobby of my dorm, past the front desk that was crowded with delivered bouquets of red roses and pink carnations, but even though none were for me, I walked on toward my morning class with the most positive of attitudes.

As I walked, I passed a group of girls who gushed about their boyfriends and admired one of the girls’ new necklace. I ignored them and walked on confidently, resolved in keeping my good attitude.

Further down the sidewalk, I met two couples in a row who walked arm in arm, the rosy haze of love evident on their faces.

I continued to ignore these public displays of affection, and I began to give myself an inner pep talk as I walked. “I don’t need a man. I am fine without one. I am a confident, attractive, young college student with a bright future, and it doesn’t matter that I am alone on Valentine’s Day.” I picked up my stride and continued my inner monologue, convincing myself to be positive. “It’s doesn’t matter that it’s Valentine’s Day! I refuse to let this day get me down!”

And at that exact moment, during that exact thought, I stepped in dog shit. Forgive my profanity, but “poop” doesn’t capture the emotion of the moment. I stepped in dog shit. And right there on the sidewalk outside Siceluff Hall, all my good thoughts flew out my head and I knew right there and then that I was supposed give in to the crappiness of my situation. The great Cupid in the sky was surely sending me a message. Sometimes the best of intentions are squelched in a single moment. Sometimes we're allowed to embrace the crap.

So, for all you readers who were be single on Valentine’s Day, know that I understand, because I was once there, in dog shit.

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