Monday, February 1, 2010

My Muse

This week was particularly stressful – not because anything specific happened – I just had trouble handling Life this week. And I think this is the reason it took me forever to come up with a blog topic. I mean, everything I came up with was negative (topics inspired by work or my uncharacteristically depressed outlook)…and I don’t want this blog to be a downer!

So, as always, I looked to George for inspiration. Yesterday he went with us for a ride in the car – to the car wash which scared him a little – and he was in heaven, riding with his head out the car window the whole way there. And for a moment I envied him. I mean, the most stress he ever has is when he’s scared of the vet or doesn’t want to go to bed. The rest of his life is full of excitement (going for a walk!), satisfaction (belly rubs), and eternal optimism (a crumble of bacon could fall from the table at any time!).

What is the human equivalent of a dog with his head out the car window? A ride on a motorcycle? A ride on a roller coaster with your hands in the air? A ride down the ski slopes with the cold air in your face?

Or maybe it is just living in the moment. Grasping every possibility and enjoying the experience to its fullest, no matter how small.

So, as I try to come out of my stressful week, I will try to follow George’s lead and appreciate the small stuff. It’s a trite cliché, but it’s overused because it is so important, right?

Now, who do I know that has a motorcycle?

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  1. Been there, too, Shannon. Aren't dogs wonderful for showing us how to really, truly live? It's the simple things like windblown hair, a ride in the car, a treat. How like George to help you out during a stressful time. Spring is coming - hang in there.