Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Things to Love About Las Vegas #4...Nellis Air Force Base

This might seem to be an odd choice for a civilian in Las Vegas, but in my goal of finding things to love about living here, I realized that this is one of the things I find to be pretty cool.

Things to Love About Las Vegas #4...Nellis Air Force Base

Nellis Air Force Base is in the northeastern part of Las Vegas, and periodically we’re reminded of its presence when jets and military aircraft are spotted overhead. Whenever I hear their loud engines far above, I always stop and scan the sky to try to find them. And it’s not easy – their sound is slower than they are.

Looking up at them gives me a connection to something bigger...to their larger mission, to the skies, to the world in general.
Last week as I drove across town, I saw the Thunderbirds practicing their formations far across town. They left circles and swoops and zigzags in the sky…quite fun entertainment during what would have otherwise been a mundane drive.
Every November, Nellis Air Force Base hosts a free air show one weekend. It is very impressive, and it ends with the Thunderbirds’ trademark display. Las Vegas is lucky to have them.


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