Monday, May 18, 2015


The view of the sky, and part of our house, from our upstairs balcony

I'm at home this morning with the windows open, enjoying the cool air and the sound of rain. It's May 18 in Las Vegas, and I'm wearing jeans and a sweater. Heaven! I'll take anything that prolongs the heat of a desert summer.

As much as I love rain, the sound of thunder is even more special. It's something we rarely get. When we do have storms, we'll get some rain and lightening, but usually without thunder. It's very strange - there is no release when you don't get the boom of thunder. Vegas storms are a tease. They creep over the town, become dark and menacing, shoot some scary lightening across the sky, but all in silence. We need the sound of rain and the booms of thunder. Otherwise, we are still waiting, for that cathartic release.

Today we got it all - dark clouds, hard rain, lightening, and booming thunder. George and I even went to the dog park in the rain and got wet and muddy.

Thank you, Las Vegas, for a lovely morning.

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