Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Achieving My Dreams: In Progress

A dream of mine: to live in a house with a view!

One of the blogs I read asked me to answer the question “What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?” and before I answer, I have to say that I love the way this question is phrased.

If she had asked, “Why haven’t you achieved your dreams?” it would have forced me to say that I haven’t yet succeeded. That is way too negative for me. I enjoy the pursuit of my dreams. As long as I’m working toward them, I’m successful.

So, in response to “What’s keeping me from achieving my dreams?” my response is: I AM achieving my dreams!

At least three times per week I find time to work on my current novel or children’s books, or to submit a book query to an agent. Every week I sock money away for future dream trips and adventures. I am always saving articles about places to visit and things to do or learn. I constantly find ways to make our house more of a home and work toward giving my family a healthy, happy future.

So, “achieving my dreams” is in progress! Someday it’ll happen, I have no doubt.


  1. Aww!! This is the happiest of these posts I've read! That's wonderful that you can look at your life and see the steps you are taking in the right direction! Congratulations :) It's a fantastic feeling to look around and realize that life is good!


  2. Thanks for the positive post! It's a great perspective to have, "well I'm working on it!" haha I think we should all cut ourselves some slack! We may not be there yet, but if we're working on it we're on our way!