Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Park List

Another morning at Floyd Lamb Park, and our walk around the ponds, through the trees, gave us many interesting sights:

-         A large group of boys in matching shirts were on a day-long hiking trip throughout the park, after eating breakfast made on huge grills in the parking lot
-         Fishing families were clustered around the ponds, in the shade in makeshift morning camps
-         A jogging woman hurried past speaking in Chinese on her cell phone
-         A line of horseback riders crossed the desert in the distance
-         A lone turtle floated in one pond, the tip of his nose the only part above the water
-         An Asian man surveyed his student who practiced Tai Chi in the shade. He walked around him slowly, leaning over now and then to inspect his stance.
-         A kid on a bike with his jogging mom passed by us two times, their speed around the park much greater than ours
-         A man meets us, dragged by his two leashed golden retrievers
-         A young couple eats breakfast at a picnic table
-         A grandma holds her granddaughter on her lap, watching the geese on the water before them
-         Two kids begin feeding ducks only to be instantly mobbed by hungry ducks and geese
-         A grandpa shows his grandson how to put a worm on a hook
-         One of the boys from the hiking group sits alone under a tree, upset by something another kid said, and a dad approaches and tries to make him feel better
-         A guy reads a newspaper while lying on his back in the grass

Then, from our blanket:

-         A very distant traffic hum
-         Flapping birds’ wings
-         Bugs buzzing
-         Distant kids’ voices
-         A tricycle rolling on gravel, and laughter
-         Rattling keys, as Jude has found my purse
-         The shifting of George on the blanket as he finds a better sleeping position

No need to look at my watch. That is the best kind of day.

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