Monday, April 16, 2012

Red Doors or Roses

I love houses with red front doors. And while I’ve never lived in one with such a bold statement, I always find myself taking photos of houses with bright red or blue doors, huge pots of flowers, or benches with floral cushions - any type of entryway that makes the home look inviting.

Right now our entryway looks pretty amazing, thanks to Mother Nature. The one rose bush I planted long ago has taken over the doorway, and I often have to prune it so that people don’t get whacked in the face when entering or exiting. And the scent is amazing! You can smell its overwhelming sweetness from thirty feet away. (It’s a white banks rose, if anyone wants to plant one.)

I think front doors of houses, or their entryways in general, should be made to look welcoming, no matter what the rest of the house or yard looks like. It’s like the old theatre rule: no matter how many mistakes you make onstage, always keep smiling. The audience will forgive anything if you just keep smiling. So even if the yard is a mess or the house needs paint, a fresh coat of paint on the front door and a pot of flowers to match can forgive a lot.

At Christmas I try to follow that philosophy by putting outdoor lights only near the front door, to lead inside where the festivities are. They should put a focus on the entryway so people want to come in.

The irony is that I do not have a mat that says “Welcome” in bold letters at our door, and I never will. The people who come to our home will hopefully know they’re welcome long before they reach our “welcome” mat.

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  1. Your front entrance is gorgeous, dearie. As is the rest of your lovely home. I'll bet everything is blooming and sitting on the verandah is especially sweet right now! Hello to the family!