Tuesday, April 19, 2011

George's Buffet

This morning I took George for a walk before work, and on the way I had to suddenly pull him away from an apple core that was lying in the gutter. In fact, he has learned that any little thing on the street – rocks, leaves, twigs – might be food, so he knows to check out every single thing quickly before I notice.

George has learned from experience. There is always food lying along the sidewalks of our neighborhood. I have seen burritos, pizza, hamburgers, chicken legs, and more, and I often have to stop George and play tug of war to get a chicken bone from his mouth.

Why do people randomly toss away things? I also wonder about the number of times I see a lonely shoe on the side of the road – I’ve also seen a solo sock. Do these fly off motorists who drive with one foot out the window? I just don’t get it. I don’t think I’ve ever lost one shoe.

We live in such an excessive society, where we have so much excess that we let food sit in the refrigerator until it spoils, and we literally cover our sidewalks with food. A starving person would be in heaven just to walk my neighborhood, due to the smorgasbord that awaits. But for now, George is the one who enjoys it.

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