Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Beginning

To begin this blog, I should say something profound. When I was in college and would talk to my Mom on the phone from my dorm room, at the end of the call Mom would say, “Well, I should end with something profound.” …pause… “I guess that was it,” she’d say, and we’d laugh.

Calling this Sundays at the Dog Park with George just made sense. The dog park is where I most often sit and do nothing but think. Nothing but watch George run around and sniff things. Nothing but witness nature and talk to the strangers who happen to sit next to me and begin conversations by asking my dog’s name.
And in those quiet moments with no TV, no cell phone, and no internet – just me and the grass and the dogs and the occasional air force jet that flies far overhead - I find that my creative thoughts are most accessible. I sometimes take my camera and try to take artsy photos, or I take a notebook so I can jot down ideas for poems or stories. But even when no “profound” thoughts come to me, just sitting and being is profound in itself.

In this blog, I don’t promise to be profound. Far from it. Instead, I will write what comes. What I’m meant to write. I will use incomplete sentences and too many commas and might ramble from time to time - forgive me. But hopefully someone out there will relate. So won’t you join me?

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  1. I can't wait to see what profound stuff you will write. Should be deep, right?!